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To prevent the spread of Covid-19, WellMi Wellness Solutions is strictly following all government guidelines. Please also see our menu of online programs for more information. Covid-19의 확산을 막기 위해 WellMi Wellness Solutions는 코로나19 예방 프로토콜을 엄격히 따릅니다. 온라인으로도 워크샵과 수업을 제공합니다. 자세한 내용은 온라인 프로그램 메뉴를 참조하십시오.

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Sarah, South Korea

I have participated in 2 WellMi events and enjoyed them both. I feel that Laura is authentic and hardworking. The atmosphere created is inviting and open to all levels of interest and ability. I’m looking forward to attending future events.

Gabriela, UK

In a place so far from home & so different to what I know, WellMi is an oasis and a breath of fresh air. I was looking for a group but ended up finding a wonderful community full of amazing and insightful individuals. WellMi is both professional and welcoming. I have learned new things about my surrounding as well as about myself. 

I recommend it to anyone looking for a place to discover themselves, learn about well-being & connect with inspiring individuals. Either through yoga, meditation or well-being workshops.

Clare, Canada

Thank you so much, Laura and amazing instructors. The session today was a wonderful experience and I'm really looking forward to having more opportunities to enjoy yoga, meditation and whatever you have planned for the future! Thanks again for the help and suggesting modifications, Miran. 

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Kirsten, UK

Yesterdays yoga class was so wonderful. Jen created a calm and warm energy. I felt fully reset afterwards. It was great to focus on the back and hips after all these months of working at the desk!

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